[Update] STARGAME Casino Latest Bonus Release

STARGAME Casino Latest Bonus Release, commitment to providing unparalleled gaming excitement by introducing new bonuses…

Stargame Online Casino continues its commitment to providing unparalleled gaming excitement by introducing a plethora of enticing bonuses for its players. From welcome bonuses to daily rewards, Stargame leaves no stone unturned in delighting its players with thrilling incentives.


The bonus needs to be at least a minimum or maximum of 50 times the minimum or maximum before withdrawal. Withdraw RM1000 to get RM50 (Only applicable to 888KING slot machines).

What is welcome credit?

Welcome credit welcomes new users to our platform by offering them a credit bonus upon signing up or making their first deposit. This credit can be used to explore our wide range of games and services, enhancing the gaming experience from the start.


If you lose your first deposit, we will compensate you with 100% of the deposited amount (Claim from customer service). This compensation bonus must be at least X7 times before withdrawal (Only applicable to slot machines) MIN DEPOSIT 30.

The minimum compensation amount is MYR30, and the maximum bonus is up to MYR300 (Each member can only apply once).

What is 100% coverage on first deposit?

Experience our online casino’s 100% coverage on your initial deposit, doubling your gaming potential right from the start. Deposit now and enjoy double the excitement with our generous first deposit offer!

4. 8% Unlimited Casino Slot Bonus

Get an 8% unlimited slot bonus. (WIN OVER 3 Times) MIN DEPOSIT 10

What is 8% Unlimited Slot Bonus?

Boost your slot gaming adventure at our online casino with an enticing 8% unlimited slot bonus. Get more spins, more wins, and endless excitement with every deposit you make!

5. 15% Daily Casino Bonus

Get a 15% daily slot machine bonus. (WIN OVER 3 Times) MIN DEPOSIT 10

What is daily bonus?

Enjoy daily rewards at our online casino with our exciting daily bonus offers. Dive into non-stop fun and extra chances to win every day with our exclusive daily bonuses!

6. STAR Birthday Casino Bonus

Members only need to deposit at least MYR888 in their birthday month to qualify for a birthday offer of RM68 (TURNOVER 5 times) (Each member can only apply once). Members must provide personal information (ID card, driver’s license, etc.) to prove that the birthday date on the document matches the birthday date registered on our website STAR. (Claim from customer service).

7. Share & Earn

Share & Earn – Referral Link. This promotional activity will continue until the end of the event. For example: Players themselves need to deposit at least RM100, and their referrals also need at least RM100 deposit to receive MYR10 bonus (Only applicable to 888KING slot machines).

At least TURNOVER x1, RM50 only can be withdrawn.

8. STAR App Download Casino Bonus

Each eligible member can only apply for this promotional bonus once (Each member can only apply once). The bonus can only be claimed in the STAR application. (Claim from customer service) (Only applicable to 888KING slot machines).


Stargame reply to players

“We understand the importance of rewarding our players for their loyalty and engagement,” said Stargame CEO. “Our diverse range of bonuses is designed to elevate the gaming experience and offer players more opportunities to win big.”

Among the highlights is the Stargame Welcome Bonus, where new players are greeted with a generous credit bonus upon sign-up or their initial deposit. Additionally, Stargame offers a 100% coverage on first deposits, doubling the excitement for newcomers.

For slot enthusiasts, Stargame presents an irresistible 8% Unlimited Slot Bonus, allowing players to maximize their slot gaming experience with every deposit. Moreover, the online casino’s daily bonus offerings provide players with daily doses of excitement and extra chances to win.

“Our goal is to create a dynamic and rewarding gaming environment that keeps our players coming back for more,” added Stargame CEO. “With our extensive array of bonuses, players can expect non-stop entertainment and rewards at Stargame Online Casino.”

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